12 Pack Kase Mate Beer Cooler - Sunset Pink/Orange


12 Pack Kase Mate Beer Cooler - Sunset Pink/Orange


Introducing the 12-pack Kase Mate in the stunning Pink/Orange Sunset color – the ultimate companion for keeping your drinks refreshingly cold without the hassle of ice! This innovative Kanga Beer Cooler is designed for maximum convenience and ease of use, making it a must-have for any outdoor gathering.

Key Features:

  1. Extended Cooling Power: Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks! The 12-pack Kase Mate keeps your beverages cold for up to 7 hours without the need for ice. Enjoy frosty drinks throughout your entire event.

  2. Slide and Go Design: Simply slide the Kase Mate over your cold case, and you're ready to roll. No more dealing with melting ice or struggling with bulky coolers. It's the perfect solution for those on the move!

  3. Lightweight and Portable: Weighing next to nothing, the 12-pack Kase Mate adds virtually no weight to your case. It's incredibly easy to carry, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite drinks without any added burden.

  4. Unique Stylish Design: Stand out in the crowd with our Pink/Orange Sunset color – a vibrant and eye-catching choice. The Kase Mate's simple yet distinctive design becomes a talking point at any event, adding a touch of style to your gatherings.

  5. Kanga Beer Block Compatibility: Enhance the cooling performance by using the Kase Mate with a Kanga Beer Block. It's the perfect combination for those who demand the utmost in drink-chilling excellence.

  6. Versatile Usage: Tailgates, barbeques, golf outings – the 12-pack Kase Mate is perfect for all your outdoor activities. It accommodates a standard 12-pack case of 12oz standard or slim cans, ensuring that you have enough cold beverages to share with friends.

Upgrade your outdoor experience with the 12-pack Kase Mate – the cooler that keeps your drinks cold, your style hot, and your gatherings unforgettable!

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